Enjoy all the benefits of what it means to be a true LIFER. Meet and greets, giveaways, listening sessions and much more.
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If you found this page it’s because someone, somewhere, considers you worthy of becoming a LIFER… That makes us very happy.

What is a LIFER? It’s someone that is ”in it for life”. A music fanatic, someone that lives and breathes for the bands and the music that they love and we want to reward you for this where we can.

The idea of LIFER is that it’s somewhat like an underground/exclusive club for the TRUE heavy music fans of Sweden.

It’s a members only club with the idea that you, the members, invite fellow heavy music die-hards to the club.

The idea is to give added “money can’t buy” value to you, the true Rock fans. This will include things like:

• Soundcheck parties
• Listening sessions
• Meet and greets
• Exclusive items
• And much more